The Decadettes

Singing you through the decades.

We are a Weymouth based female vocal quartet with vintage harmonies and classy costumes. Available for private parties, weddings or corporate functions throughout the South West and beyond.

Vocal Quartet

Group of four friends who love to sing and dance and create beautiful music.

Sassy Style

Costumes for every occasion from 1920s flapper dresses to military uniforms to 50s frocks.

Vintage Harmonies

Tight, nostalgic harmonies creating an atmosphere reminiscent of a bygone era.

Professional Service

Fully self sufficient, providing all equipment for a top notch professional sound.

In a nutshell we are four friends who love singing, creating harmonies and learning new dance moves.

We sing a variety of music from 1920s through to 1970s with a selection of swing, jazz and big band as well.

We are available for private and corporate functions as well as weddings. We specialise in vintage events and can

provide a bespoke package to entertain for your occasion, and will add a touch of class to any event.

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Meet The Decadettes


She is our newest member but has performed with local theatre groups for many years. She loves music from the 40s-60s and has particularly relished learning harmonies to popular tunes of the era. She brings her unique humour to the group along with her fab voice.


With her immense networking ability and fearless work ethic Anna Maria “links us up” and ensures all her many contacts know about us. She sings beautiful soprano lines, never says no to helping someone and is a vital part of the group.


Alex sorts the harmonies, arranges new pieces and works us hard going over them again and again until it is pitch perfect. Singing has always been a big part of her life but she also has a young family who occasionally even make guest appearances!



She is responsible for keeping us together – literally. Not a finger or a toe is allowed out of place as she creates fabulous choreography for us all to try not to trip over! She also sings harmonies, sorts the backing, runs the equipment, the list goes on!

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